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The rights and duties of the sponsor and acceptor of sponsorships ARFI (acceptor of sponsorships, hereafter, ARFI ) are defined in this contract. They are established when the sponsor contributes money to ARFI Geld for the reforestation and/or protection of the existing Atlantic Rainforest.

1. Goal

With your donation, ARFI gives you the opportunity to protect the Atlantic Rainforest or re-forest cleared land in Brazil.

The goal is to generate a secondary rainforest after a few years and transform this into a so-called RPPN1.

In this context, you also have the option of calculating your personal CO2 emissions (or those of your company) directly using the emissions calculator on our homepage (www.atlanticrainforest.org). It works using average values which, under certain conditions, can deviate from the actual emissions generated and their effects on the climate. On the basis of the CO2 emissions calculated by our emissions calculator, you can neutralise your own emissions through ‘rainforest sponsorship’.

1. RPPN (Reserva Particular do Partrimonio Natural):This is the only option in Brazil for having privately held land protected by the Brazilian state, represented by the IBAMA (Brazilian Environmental Agency). This means that land purchased by ARFI will be recognised and protected by the Brazilian national government. No construction or similar activities can be initiated on such land. The goal of the RPPN-Programmes is also to protect those remaining isolated fragments of rainforest along with their flora and fauna and other environmental services.

2. Use of your contributions

The amount that you donate will go directly to ARFI . ARFI will use the funds it receives, after deductions for marketing and administrative costs, to achieve the following goals:

* to purchase and protect existing acreage of rainforest;
* to re-forest cleared acreage of rainforest.

ARFI will not be able to invest every donated contribution directly. The reason for this is that the required administrative expenses for the purchase of small parcels of land can take up an unfavourable proportion of the total value of such a transaction. This means ARFI must first accumulate enough contributions to reach a total sum that makes the investment in a parcel of land financially reasonable. Sponsors can check up on the current status of the project on our homepage at any time.

In the first phase of the project, we will undertake activities near the district of Itacare in the federal state of Bahia. The National Park ‘Serra do Conduru’ is located here. The goal is to form a corridor to this National Park consisting of rainforest.

The Project for the Protection of Atlantic Rainforest will be operated with great care and only in cooperation with partners whom ARFI considers trustworthy. Nevertheless, we must remind sponsors (and potential sponsors) that the success of ARFI cannot be guaranteed with absolute certainty. ARFI especially cannot accept any liability in cases of force majeure.

Our partners are NGOs and universities that are engaged in the same issues or similar ones and are engaged at the national level. The involvement of local communities in the projects is also important. One of our employees is an instructor at the University of Santa Cruz, Prof. Marcio Cesar Martignone (www.unisc.br).

3. ARFI ’s obligations to its sponsors

So that sponsors can keep up-to-date on the development of ARFI , ARFI pledges to publish a quarterly report on its homepage (www.atlanticrainforest.org). The report will serve to inform the sponsor concerning the successes of and goals envisioned by ARFI .

Additionally, ARFI will request an annual summary from the local authorities (Land Registry) that shows what the current status of the protected acreage (total area) is.

The contributions paid in by sponsors will be accumulated – as previously mentioned – until ARFI finds a parcel of land that lies within the scope of its goals and is then able to purchase it. ARFI has the right to look for suitable parcels of land for a duration of up to two years after receipt of payment. After this period has expired, the money must be invested in the purchase of land.

ARFI will make an overview of the total donations received permanently available to the public. This will be announced on its homepage.

ARFI will issue a certificate to every sponsor on which the sponsor’s name, the amount donated and the sponsored parcel of land will appear.

Every sponsor will be automatically included in the rankings on the homepage. These rankings will be subdivided into private and corporate sponsors. The top ten sponsors in each category will be displayed permanently on the homepage. In this regard, each sponsor can have both their own images and text displayed.

4. Severability clause

There exists no other agreement between the sponsors and ARFI that goes beyond these terms and conditions. All other statements in the documents given to them or accessible to them exist in direct relation to these conditions of contract and elucidate them without modifying or adding to them. If a provision of these terms and conditions should prove unenforceable, this in no way affects the remaining provisions, which are to be supplemented in such a way that the unenforceable provision is replaced by one that most closely expresses the intentions of the contracting parties.

5. Choice of law/Court of Jurisdiction

Swiss law applies for all legal claims touching on your donation for the sponsorship of the Atlantic Rainforest. Zurich in the Canton of Zurich is the Court of Jurisdiction.


Christian Bachmann

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