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The original ARFI properties are all connected and cover a total area of 330 acres (124 hectares) or over a million square meters just off Itacare village in Bahia, Brazil. Next to „Rio de Contas“ river, this conservation hotspot with natural freshwater springs (mineral water quality) holds centenary trees like cedar and a huge variety of fauna & flora

Half of this size already belongs to one of the founders of ARFI since 1993, the remaining and bordering 70 hectares are our first target. Help preserve this primary rainforest by adopting your amount of square meters of Atlantic Rainforest

After the whole 70 hectares are adopted by you, we will ensure legal protection on a govermental base by transforming the land in RPPN’s (natural reserves). Short before you complete this first target we will communicate our next targeted area. This procedure can be repeted as long as one likes and will enable us to built an ecolocigal corridor that one day will reach the boarders of the „Serra do Conduru State Park (park with biodiverstiy worldrecord)“, 30 kilometers to the South of the ARFI rainforest base

We warmly welcome you to stay with us to visit your protected piece of land and to learn more about this truly amazing hotspot of biodiversity. Stay in one of our seven rainforest chalets...(read more)

ARFI employs forest guards to patrol it’s land in order to prevent illegal hunting, deforestation, orchid & bromedliad robbery and logging.

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