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3x Snowboard World Champion & 5x European Champion
The snowboard legend

Haakonsen (10/3/1974) started snowboarding at the age of 14. He is an icon in his native Norway and the most legendary freestyle snowboarder in the world. He gained equal notoriety when he refused to go the 1998 Olympics in Nagano because of his conviction that snowboarding is not a competition between nations, this despite being the top favorite to win. Consequently he started his own competition called “The Arctic Challenge” in 1999 which is held yearly as part of the Ticket to ride Tour. Terje competed in “The Arctic challenge” 2007 at the age of 33 and jumped 9.8 m high, winning the highest air contest. This is world record and the highest air ever measured in a quater pipe.
Terje is one of the most aware athletes in the extreme sport world. He traveled several times to the Atlantic Rainforest on surf trips starting back in 1998. He would like to use his celebrity factor to raise awareness on the Atlantic Rainforest.

Snowboarder of the year 2006 & 2008
Nicolas Mueller was born on 4/25/1982 in Zürich, Switzerland. Nicolas snowboards since 1992, skateboards since 1994 and went professional in 2000. Many of his peers describe him as the perfect snowboarder. Nicolas Mueller avoids all FIS competitions and competes only in important “Ticket to Ride” world tour events. Besides winning titles in Japan, USA and Europe he is also known for his many film roles with Absinthe Films. Style is very important in snowboarding! It is the basis to all tricks. And in snowboarding, style equals Nicolas Mueller. He and his team mate Terje dominate this aspect of the sport. In 2006 and 2007 he was elected “Rider of the year” by his peers such as Shaun White, Travis Parker and Dany Kass in “Snowboarder Magazine”.
Vegetarian Nicolas has been to the Atlantic rainforest twice on surf trips. He appreciates the huge diversity of plants and animals, but was also shocked to learn that 93% of this rainforest has been destroyed. Through his engagement he primarily wants to reach out to his generation to make them aware of this environmental hotspot.

MALIA (Malawi):
Malia is a singer from Malawi whose debut album Yellow Daffodils has been released in 2002. Her mother is from Malawi and her father is from the United Kingdom. She moved to London when she was a teenager. A budding singer, she heard a French song by Liane Foly while in New York and made contact with the French producer of the song, André Manoukian. She is up to now working with him. Her video clip Purple shoes is noticeable because she walks in the streets singing throughout the clip, wearing only those shoes. Malia get’s inspired by the Atlantic Rainforest and wants to raise awareness!

Rafael (09.01.1986) has already played 300 National League games for his Club EV Zug, and is one of the team leaders. Since his youth Rafael plays with EV Zug and went through all junior divisions.
2007 he got first time nominated for the Swiss National Hockey Team. Than in 2008 he was one of the selected to participate at the World Cup in Canada. He was the youngest Swiss player at showed incredible hockey threw out the whole tournament. Switzerland lost in the quarter finals against the World Champion Russia. Rafael is currently the best Swiss defence player.

Larissa Franca (14.04.1982) born in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim.
Suddenrush Guarana is pleased to announce as ambassador one of the best beach volleyball players of the world. Larissa Franca, born in Brazil, calls Fortaleza her home town. She is one of the best Beach Volleyball players in the hype sport of beach volleyball. She has won pretty much everything you can win as a pro. Best hitter in 2008, best setter in 2006, 2007 and 2008 she added in 2006 the most outstanding player title to her palmers of titles. Besides winning one silver medal and two bronze medals in the olmypic games she and Juliana Silva won the FIVB Team of the year awards 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Mark (27.03.1986) plays a leading role as left wing within his team TV Endingen. TV Endingen currently plays premier league Handball in Switzerland (SHL). His debut in the SHL goes back to 2006 as 20 year old youngster. Mark performed before that for two years in the second highest league in Switzerland playing 88 games. In this time he was rewarded for his talent and hard work with nominations to the under 17-years National Team, the under 19-years National team and the under 21-year National Team. Up to now he played over 100 games within the SHL.
Besides Handball Mark studies at the University of Basel Sports science and is a Sypoba Instructor.

Played Games:

  • 88 NLB

  • 114 SHL (bis Saison 09/10)

Don Ferguson is a former tournament fighter and winner of Thailand Gold Medalist, Can-Am Games Silver Medalist and Canadian Bronze Medalist; as well as a World Certified 5th Dan Black Belt and founder of Asia Pacific Taekwondo Academy which there are now two locations operating in the heart Bangkok.After two decades Don has retired from the active sport and devoted his time to street children in Bangkok, its Asia Pacific Taekwondo Academy and to the movies.


  • Mystic Blade (2010)

  • Chaiya (2007)

  • The Brave One (2007) with Jodie Foster

  • Ultraviolet (2006) with Milla Jovovich

  • Ong-bak (2003) with Tony Jaa

  • The Twins Effect (2003) with Jackie Chan

Miles Chamley-Watson is an exceptional talented fencer. The American Shooting Star, who was born in London, has the ambitious goal to win the Olympic Games in 2012. We support him in realizing his ambitious dream with natural energy.
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 185 lbs
Birthdate: 12/3/1989
Birthplace: London, England

Competition Record:

  • 2009 - Member of the Junior World Championship Team

  • 2009 - Junior World Cup in Spain, 2nd place

  • 2008 - Junior World Championship in Acireale, Italy, 1st place team competition

  • 2008 - Junior World Cup in London, England, 5th place

  • 2008 - Junior World Cup in Spain, 2nd place

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