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save and reforest your plot of atlantic rainforest

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Can the virtual world have a true positive impact on real life? Can the web-community save the Atlantic Rainforest?! The Atlantic Rainforest is the most striking example of a conservation HOTSPOT – 93% of it’s original size were destroyed during the last 500 years. It is very rich in biodiversity and under continued threat!

Trees help regulate the climate by absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide „CO²“ – the main greenhouse gas. Burning tropical forests contributes 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, that is more then all cars, trucks, trains and planes combined!! Saving rainforests is the fastest and most effective way to stabilize global climate change.
It is a critical part of the larger solution, and action is required NOW!

The main goal of the Atlantic Rainforest Institution (ARFI ) is to preserve the truly endangered and species-rich Atlantic Rainforest along Brazils Atlantic coastline. All intact rainforest that you sponsor is then transferred into a „Reserva Particular de Patrimonio Natural, RPPN“ (a natural reserve) that guarantees governmental protection for eternity!


You can help the Atlantic Rainforest to preserve and restore the natural heritage by becoming a sponsor of the ARF-Institution. For €3.30 per square meter you preserve a plot of virgin rainforest in Bahia, Brazil for eternity.

ARFI would like to share it’s land with people that have the same concerns, responsibilities and are willing to preserve this unique ecosystem for the future. With your donation, you become a sponsor of the ARF-Institution, which means:
- As a ARFI -sponsor you save your desired amount of sqm of Atlantic Rainforest
- As a ARFI - sponsor you compensate all/some your CO² produced
- As a ARFI - sponsor you can print your personal certificate indicating your name or company, the number of sqm you help to protect and the amount of CO² you offset
- As a ARFI - sponsor you are mentioned in our sponsor-section and visible on the above map! The more rainforest you acquire the bigger your logo/picture will appear
- As a ARFI - sponsor you have the possibility to visit your protected land, because our plan is not only virtual
- As a ARFI - sponsor you have the chance to apply as a volunteer. Stay some weeks in our rainforest base camp, where you support the local workers

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