Int. Projekt Koordinator - Chris Bachmann – chris@atlanticrainforest.org

NGO Networking - Marcio Martignone - fomentoiberoamericano@gmail.com

Forest Engineering & Organic Agriculture - Ricardo Tavares - almeidah77@yahoo.com.br

Controlling - Marco Fonseca - diretoria@mccontabilidade.cnt.br


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ARFI is a non-governmental organization with trade register number - 2984 à Folha 0022 do Livro A-14 do Cartório de Títulos e Documentos da Comarca de Ilhéus - Bahia - Brazil. CNPJ - 08.631.232 /0001-50 (Cadastro de Pessoa Juridica). Date of Foundation: 5th of June 2005.


The people behind the ARFI love nature and are committed to preserve the Atlantic Rainforest in Southern Bahia, Brazil. The founders of the ARFI are also the founders of Jungle LTD, a small Swiss company, that launched SuddenRush Guarana www.suddenrushshot.com  in 2006. We strongly believe that we must be the change in the world we wish to see and launched SuddenRush Guarana with the sole interest to fund projects that help preserve the Atlantic Rainforest. Of course we do know that we must run a profitable business - but profit is not our main concern!

Our main concern is a healthy Atlantic Rainforest in collaboration with our healthy fair trade project. Everything and everybody involved in our project in of an equal importance. Because our knowledge of the local situation was rather small, we looked around for aware people that could support our ideas. At the end we teamed up with local and truly aware university professors, biologists and geologist and people with lot’s of experience in how to run a sustainable project, where all parties involved and most of all the Atlantic Rainforest profits.

 We need to create new structures, because our old habits seem to kill our planet!  Thank you or „Obrigado“ for your support!


The long term goal of the Atlantic Rainforest Institution (ARFI) is to create a 30 kilometer long ecological corridor, that leads from the banks of Rio Contas all the way to the „Serra do Conduru State Park“, where a study realized by the Botanical Garden of New York identified 456 different tree species in one hectare (100m x 100m) – this is considered a world record in biodiversity!




The original ARFI rainforest base was created in 1993. The land of our institution boarders the banks of Rio Contas to the north and holds natural freshwater springs, centenary trees like cedar and a huge variety of fauna and flora.


Let’s have a closer look at the stretch of land in between the ARFI rainforest base on Rio Contas and the Serra do Conduru State Park 30 kilometers to the Shouth: Still today we find wide areas of primary or secondary Atlantic Rainforest with and without cocoa plantations inside, owned by small, medium and big landowners. Little over twenty years ago the fungus „Vassoura de Bruxa“ was spread over the whole cocoa-cost by the wind and affected most plantations in Southern Bahia. Cocao doesn’t bring the necessary income anymore for local landowners, so former plantations are being sold for logging and farming, this currently supports the deforestation of the area.


During your stay you have the choice of seven unique bungalows. Choose from two little tree house or sleep in one of the five rainforest-chalets in the middle of the Atlantic Rainforest.


We get electricity from the wind, hot water from the sun, fruits and vegetables from the earth, fish from the sea and happiness from the people. We think that we must be the change we wish to see in the world and we try do our best on this path. To live and work in a preserved environment in harmony with nature, animals and people is the ultimate luxury – if these words reach your heart – come and join us for an unforgettable adventure in one of the 5 most endangered biodiversity hotspots of our planet.

Contact us at: mailto:info@atlanticrainforest.org to set up your visit.


Cost per person:


Accommodation based on 2 people per bungalow with breakfast: EUR 250 per person/week



Do you feel like you need a little timeout from our western and mostly hectic world?

Would you like to breath clean air for a couple of weeks?

Would you like eat some of the best tasting fruits you ever tried?

Would you like to make your own experience, instead of reading other people’s experience in magazines and newspapers every day?

Would you like to preserve the Atlantic Rainforest with your own two hands?

Are you ready to work for no money but for the good cause?

Are you willing to live life simple as the local farmers?


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,yes and yes - contact us at: mailto:voluntary@atlanticrainforest.org  to set up your personal voluntary stay.